The impact of technology in our current century

Reminiscing seeking to understand the problems when we were growing up about the great old times is worth taking. Kids used to play outdoors all day, building temples, playing sports and riding bicycles. Pros kids of the past, of games created their own kind of play which did not require oversight or equipment. Kids of yesteryear moved a lot, and their sensory universe was character based and easy. Previously, family time was spent doing chores, and kids had expectations. The dining room table was a place where families came together to eat and discuss their day, and after dinner became the centre for crafts, crafts and baking.

children use technology

Today’s families are different. The impact on the 21st century household of technology inducing a disintegration of values that were what held families, and is fracturing its base. Juggling home, work and community lives, parents rely heavily on information communication and transportation technology to produce their lives more efficient and quicker. Entertainment technology TV, internet, videogames, iPods has progressed so rapidly, that households have scarcely noticed the substantial impact and adjustments to their own family structure and lifestyles. A 2010 Kaiser Foundation study revealed that aged children use on average 8 hours a day of entertainment technologies, 75 percent of those children have TV’s in their bedrooms, and 50 of North American homes have the TV on all day. Add mobile phones, emails, internet surfing, and lines, and we start to see the areas of technology on family milieu and our home lives. Gone is dining room table dialog, replaced with the big screen and take out. Kids rely on technology for the vast majority of their drama, grossly limiting challenges in addition to restricting challenges that are necessary to their own bodies. Bodies bombarded together with effect on foundation skills for attaining literacy, are leading to delays in attaining child developmental milestones, with sensory stimulation. Hard wired for high speed, today is currently entering school struggling with focus skills and self regulation necessary for learning becoming behavior management issues that are substantial for teachers in the classroom.

children use technology

So what is the effect of technology on the child? Children motor and sensory systems have not evolved to accommodate this yet chaotic and frenzied nature of the technology of today. The effects of advancing technology have witnessed a rise of behavior, psychological and physical disorders that the education and health systems are starting to discover comprehend. Diabetes and child obesity are national epidemics in both Canada and the United States. Diagnoses of autism ADHD, coordination disorder, sensory processing disorder, and depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders are increasing at an alarming rate, and can be linked to technologies overuse.